Students For Liberty Heidelberg has the pleasure to invite you to our next lecture! This time, we have a special guest coming right from George Mason University in Virginia, USA: Prof. Bryan Caplan. The econonomics professor is known for his controversial views and his renowned book „The myth of the rational voter“ which was titled as „best political book“ in 2008 by the New York Times.

We are excited to learn about his economic and moral-philosphic approach on poverty. In his lecture, we are going to learn about the reasons behind poverty in our world. What is poverty and why does it matter who we blame for it? Are bad economic policies in the ‘third world’, bad immigration policies in the ‘first world’ or irresponsible behavior by individuals the main causes of poverty today? Poverty has nearly always been mankind’s natural state – how do we ensure people can work their way out of it?

You are welcome to participate and discuss with our speaker in the Q&A session as well as at our reception after the lecture.

Date: from 8pm, July 12, 2016
Place: Hörsaal 01, Neue Universität Heidelberg
Entrance: public, free